The Equalizer Franchise Could Be Taking Notes From Latest Indiana Jones Movie, Of All Things

The Equalizer Franchise Could Be Taking Notes From Latest Indiana Jones Movie, Of All Things
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Antoine Fuqua was apparently so impressed by the de-aged Harrison Ford that he is considering using the technology if a prequel is ever made.

The topic of digital de-aging of actors and actresses in movies is a controversial one that continues to spark debate.

Some cases are absolutely stunning, like Sean Young in Blade Runner 2049, some create the uncanny valley effect, like Carrie Fisher in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and some fall somewhere in between, like Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel, who looks incredible in one scene and terrible in the next.

In a recent interview with NME, Antoine Fuqua, who directed the 2014 action film The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington and its sequel, is considering using the technology further in the franchise.

It seems the filmmaker was impressed by the recent Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, of all things, particularly the opening sequence featuring a digitally de-aged Harrison Ford as a young Indiana.

"It's all so fresh and new. [...] I've watched Harrison Ford's film, and I know there's other movies coming out," Fuqua said, adding that he's keeping a close eye on how the technology evolves and what it will look like in the future.

The director wanted to use it in the upcoming The Equalizer 3, and although he eventually dropped the idea, he apparently still hasn't completely ruled out the possibility if a prequel movie is ever made.

Fans are rather skeptical of the filmmaker's revelation, pointing out that the latest Indiana Jones movie is not the best source from which to draw ideas.

Considering how extremely hit-and-miss the implementation of digital de-aging ends up being even these days, they believe that The Equalizer is better off without it.

An occasional limited use of it may be acceptable, but watching an entire movie with an actor looking like a CGI dummy could completely ruin the experience.

Fans say that if Fuqua wants to do Robert McCall's origin story so badly, he should cast Denzel's son, John David Washington, who is already an established actor, instead.

The final installment of The Equalizer trilogy is scheduled for release on September 1, 2023.

Do you think that de-aging technology is still underdeveloped and will most likely only harm the movie?

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