The Gilded Age's Mr. Watson Twist Made Him The Most Interesting Character

The Gilded Age's Mr. Watson Twist Made Him The Most Interesting Character
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It's not very often that a side character's story turns out to be the best.


  • The revelation of Mr. Watson's past made him one of the show's most intriguing characters.
  • Mr. Watson's backstory has yet to be explored.
  • It is obvious that the man is now in danger, and his son-in-law is not a great person.

The Gilded Age season 2 is now streaming on HBO, so all the fans who have been dreaming for the last two years to see how the series continues are now excited to have their beloved characters back.

The last few episodes have certainly left viewers gasping in shock. Mrs. Winterton's (ex-Turner) plot twist alone is enough to keep us on the edge of our seats waiting for some more creative decisions from the writing crew.

While the series definitely has its main characters, such as the Russells of course, Ada and Agnes, Marian Brook and even Peggy Scott, The Gilded Age definitely pays enough attention to the secondary characters. Each of them has their own story that evolves over the course of the series.

One of the minor characters, however, is of growing interest to the audience, and that's Mr. Watson, George Russell's valet. His backstory has been revealed, and it turns out that he was quite an important man in the past, but unfortunately he lost all his savings and became an outcast in the society.

What Is The Drama Around Mr. Watson?

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The tragic part of the story, however, is that he is now forced to look at his daughter from afar, as he has done for many years, but finally found it in his heart to confess to her and reveal his true identity. It didn't do him any good, though. Mr. Watson's daughter is a member of high society, and her husband seems to be very concerned about the fact that everything can be revealed.

So he decided to bribe him to leave the city to keep the secret, which would most likely become a huge scandal if revealed. But Mr. Watson didn't think that was what his daughter really wanted, so he decided to consult George Russell. Being a devoted father himself, Mr. Russell gave him great advice and also suggested that he not give up.

After their heartfelt interaction, the fans started thinking that George Russell will somehow help his valet to become an important person.

“He seems very intuitive, he’s trustworthy, protected the Russells and he also educated being a past banker. My theory: maybe Mr. Russell finds him valuable for his business, he’s dealing with an untrustworthy business man already. Maybe having Watson in the business will help with the challenge he faces now. Which will also allow Watson to see his daughter,” Redditor properhurt said.

The way Mr. Watson saved the Duke's dinner at Russell's proves once again he is indeed a good man. His eagle eye helped him notice that something was wrong in the kitchen and he realized it was all Mrs. Winterton's cruel plans.

The Gilded Age is available to stream on Hulu.