The Glee Star You Totally Forgot Was on Supernatural

The Glee Star You Totally Forgot Was on Supernatural
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The premiere of The Winchesters has quickly reminded us all just how awesome Supernatural was.

It seems like only yesterday we were mourning the loss of the fifteen-season-long dark fantasy series, which aired its final episode in November 2020. Reviews are so far mixed on the new spin-off, and only time will tell whether fans embrace it as strongly as the original. After all, we have only had one episode so far.

Another show that we love to miss, the musical dramedy Glee left us way back in 2015. Six strong seasons that had us tapping our feet and singing along, came to an end following the tragic death of star Cory Monteith, who played the singing and dancing jock, Finn Hudson. The multi-talented Monteith sadly passed away in 2013 from a drug overdose, with Glee producers electing to wrap the series up rather than continue without him.

What is the link between Supernatural and Glee you wonder? The answer is Monteith. Most people completely forgot he made an appearance in the show's second ever episode Wendigo back in 2005. He played Gary, the ill-fated victim of the episode's eponymous creature. Even in what was a relatively small role, and only his fourth acting jaunt, it was clear to see that Monteith was talented. At the age of just 23, he brought such depth to his character.

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Those who recall the episode will remember that poor Gary's demise was anything but quick. Snatched by the vicious Wendigo with his friend, Tommy, he is kept prisoner in the monster's cave and cruelly granted a semblance of hope that he may survive the encounter. To no avail, as he is savagely devoured by the beast before the heroic Dean and Sam Winchester can rescue him. Creepily, when the Winchester brothers finally manage to locate the Wendigo's foreboding lair, in a suitably dark and terrifying abandoned mine, they rescue Tommy, but there is absolutely no sign of Gary.

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Fortunately, his time on Glee was much longer and far less violent. Here we got to see him embrace the role of a popular jock, who develops a secret love for performing. We watched him struggle with his choices, wanting to straddle both sides of his loves; football and music. Not an easy situation for a teenager. Monteith played the role to perfection, making us come to adore Finn, despite many fans initially loathing him in the pilot episode. But then he did not give us much to like by throwing a fellow student into a dumpster for being gay and being forced to join the glee club as punishment. His reluctance was clear, but soon he fell in love with singing and dancing, and his beautiful co-lead, Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele ).

Even though Monteith was 27 when he began filming Glee, it is hard to shake the feeling that we watched him grow up before our eyes. Seeing the evolution of his character, Finn, and how he threw himself into the role with such passion and enthusiasm, it becomes impossible to separate them. Following his sudden passing, the decision was made to remove Finn from the show via the character's death as well. A point was made of not providing a cause of death for Finn, likely out of respect for Monteith and his family. But a standout quote from Glee tells us that the circumstances of his death do not matter. What matters is, how he lived his life.

This could not be more apt in Monteith's case. His death at just 31 was sudden and tragic. But he gave us so many wonderful performances in his short career. And characters we will remember forever.