The Good Doctor Seems to Be Wasting Its Finale on an Overused Trope

The Good Doctor Seems to Be Wasting Its Finale on an Overused Trope
Image credit: ABC

The final goodbye will be much more sad than expected.


  • The Good Doctor is an ABC medical drama that follows autistic surgical prodigy Shaun Murphy.
  • The show has gone viral for its harmful portrayal of a person on the autistic spectrum, but remains beloved by many fans.
  • Though The Good Doctor hasn't yet aired its final episode, fans already feel it's a waste of the story that has already been explored.

Saying goodbye to a beloved TV show is never easy. Even though The Good Doctor has already come under fire for some questionable choices in portraying an autistic doctor, it had a strong fan base that was forgiving enough to keep watching. However, all good things must come to an end, and The Good Doctor is no exception.

The show will end with the 10th episode of season 7, titled Goodbye. Although the title strongly hints at the goodbye the show will be waving to its audience, the promo suggests that it's not the only goodbye that will be said during the episode. And the fans are not very happy about it.

When Will The Good Doctor End?

ABC's controversial medical drama, which follows autistic doctor Shaun Murphy's quest to become a top surgeon and fit in at a hospital, is nearing the end of its run and will premiere its final episode next week, Tuesday, May 21.

Much more emotional and tense than initially expected, the episode titled ‘Goodbye’ will pose the question of life and death, and Dr. Murphy will be tasked with the impossible task of saving both Claire and Glassman's lives instead of losing one of them. Although it's a dream scenario that he will succeed, the majority of fans are not so optimistic.

While there's a debate about who will die and who will get their happy ending, the more important debate is whether it was worth it to include this drama in the finale of the show at all. This will either lead to the cheesy scenario where everyone magically lives, or it will leave the show's main character heartbroken and dealing with loss again.

“So, Melendez died, Asher died, Lim almost died, Glassman almost died and is now going to die again, Claire is going to die, Perez almost died and left. For having had like 10-15 main characters over the years, the statistics are that 50% or more of people either die or almost die before the age of 40...” Redditor TobyPDID23 noted.

And while there isn't a single medical drama that doesn't have cancer scares or character deaths, it doesn't seem like the right writing decision to do it so soon after the loss of Asher, and to waste the last precious episode on the trope that's already been done.

Either way, the scripts are already written and the episode is already being filmed, so fans can only hope and pray that the episode gives the Good Doctor the sendoff he deserves. To make up your mind about the finale, tune in to ABC next Tuesday, May 21.