The Good Doctor Writer Explains Final Season’s Tragic Death Amid Backlash

The Good Doctor Writer Explains Final Season’s Tragic Death Amid Backlash
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There was one more major reason behind the heart-shattering decision.


  • The Good Doctor ’s seventh and final season has been full of shocking plot twists and tragic events so far, but a specific character’s death has been criticized especially hard since the show revealed it.
  • The series’ writer has recently reached out to all the angry fans explaining the main reasons for the character’s tragic departure from the show.
  • While The Good Doctor still has two more episodes to air, the writer revealed that the character’s death will not be gone unnoticed in the show’s finale.

The Good Doctor’s television run is coming closer to its end as the medical drama show is wrapping It all up with the seventh season being aired right now.

Throughout its long-standing history, the Freddie Highmore-led series has introduced quite many shocking plot twists that many fans found hard to recover from, but the final season is especially abundant in jaw-dropping revelations and departures.

In the season’s fifth episode called Who At Peace, The Good Doctor reveals a shocking fate that’s been prepared for Dr. Asher Wolke, the only main gay character who throughout the whole season was struggling with embracing his Jewish identity.

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The episode finds Asher dealing with a dying patient whose partner refused to convert on the eve of their wedding. Feeling a need to help the couple out, Asher decides to intervene and therefore succeeds in resolving the couple’s differences, but then he’s brutally killed by two vandals who approach him near a synagogue.

The episode also teases Asher’s decision to finally tie the knot with his longtime boyfriend Jerome.

With all the criticism that Asher’s death received from The Good Doctor’s fans who highlighted its needlessness, the show’s writer Adam Scott Weissman was quick to clarify that there were actually several reasons behind the decision to kill off the beloved character.

In one of his recent interviews Weissman said that the suggestion to end Asher’s storyline earlier initially came from Noah Galvin who portrayed the character in the series. According to the writer, Galvin felt a need to pursue some other career opportunities thus not willing to stay in the show for that long.

Apart from that, Weissman revealed that Asher’s death was supposed to have a much more profound meaning that not many fans managed to grasp.

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The writer stated that “life doesn’t always have happy endings” and some things are meant to turn into something unexpected and tragic, but Asher’s final line “I’m not just a Jew, I’m a gay one, too” still proves that, after all, he was able to arrive at the most important conclusion of his life, even though it tragically ended shortly after.

While The Good Doctor has yet two more episodes to run with until it’s all over for the show, Weissman teased that Asher’s death will eventually influence his colleagues’ life in many ways, and this statement concerns the character’s boyfriend Jerome too.

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