The List of All 31 TV Shows Netflix Renewed in 2023

The List of All 31 TV Shows Netflix Renewed in 2023
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix has been unexpectedly kind this year, with 31 renewals making up for 10 cancellations.


  • Netflix is known for canceling popular shows on a regular basis.

  • This year, however, things were different: 31 shows were renewed!

  • While some of them proved popular, others were panned by critics and fans alike, raising the question of whether Netflix's actions were prudent.

Ah, Netflix. We all know what a hot mess the streaming service can be at times. Every year, fans are faced with the incredibly disappointing news that their favorite shows are suddenly canceled.

Just look at the recent scandal surrounding Warrior Nun, which was dropped by the streaming giant in December 2022 despite its popularity, much to the surprise of showrunner Simon Barry and his writing staff. Thankfully, the story ended well and the franchise was resurrected due to the efforts of fans. But alas, the same cannot be said for other series, such as the recent 1899 from the creators of the sensational German hit Dark.

The crux is that Netflix, unlike many other streaming services, focuses on the completion rate, the number of unique users who watch a series through to the end. Yes, it's not an objective metric, but in pursuit of huge revenues in the face of equally huge losses from residuals (especially after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes), Netflix is making such disappointing choices. But that's not what we're talking about today, as the service was unexpectedly generous in 2023, canceling only 10 shows and renewing an unprecedented 31 series. Let's find out which shows subscribers will still be able to watch in the future.

31. Wednesday — Renewed for Season 2

30. Mo — Renewed for Season 2 (ending)

29. Selling the OC — Renewed for Season 2 & 3

28. Cobra Kai — Renewed for Season 6 (ending)

27. The Recruit — Renewed for Season 2

26. Somebody Feed Phil — Renewed for Season 7

25. The Mole — Renewed for Season 2

24. Outer Banks — Renewed for Season 4

23. Class — Renewed for Season 2

22. Full Swing — Renewed for Season 2

21. Break Point — Renewed for Season 2

20. You — Renewed for Season 5 (ending)

19. The Night Agent — Renewed for Season 2

18. Buying Beverly Hills — Renewed for Season 2

17. Big Mouth — Renewed for Season 8 (ending)

16. The Diplomat — Renewed for Season 2

15. Sweet Tooth — Renewed for Season 3 (ending)

14. Outlast — Renewed for Season 2

13. Ginny & Georgia — Renewed for Season 3 & 4

12. Virgin River — Renewed for Season 6

11. Physical: 100 — Renewed for Season 2

10. XO Kitty — Renewed for Season 2

9. Spirit Rangers — Renewed for Season 3

8. Fubar — Renewed for Season 2

7. The Lincoln Lawyer — Renewed for Season 3

6. One Piece — Renewed for Season 2

5. Missing: Dead or Alive? — Renewed for Season 2

4. Castlevania: Nocturne — Renewed for Season 2

3. Sweet Magnolias — Renewed for Season 4

2. The Circle — Renewed for Season 6 & 7

1. Queer Eye — Renewed for Season 9

As we can see, many shows from such an extensive list have gained a huge popularity and fan base. This suggests that people like to watch these shows until the end. But do they?

The Renewal of Some Shows was Justified

Sure, there is no doubt as to why a number of shows were renewed. Wednesday was probably the biggest hit of last year, thanks to the fact that it was directed and produced by Tim Burton and had showrunners who were not the least known faces in Hollywood, the talented Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. What's more, viewers fell in love with Jenna Ortega's wonderful performance as Wednesday Addams and her chemistry with Emma Myers' Enid Sinclair.

Another new flagship was one of Netflix's few successful TV adaptations, One Piece, based on the iconic Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda. Critics and audiences alike praised the show's faithfulness to the source material, great cast, and special effects. Oda himself supervised the filming! It's no surprise that such a popular series was renewed just two weeks after its debut.

The same can be said for Cobra Kai and Outer Banks, as well as the longtime flagship and favorite of many, Virgin River.

Others, However, Have Raised Questions

Many shows, however, have raised doubts about the validity of their renewals: sometimes even the fandom has commented on how much their quality has deteriorated and that there is less and less desire to wait for new seasons.

Such was the case with Sweet Magnolias, whose fans were underwhelmed, to say the least. People were also disappointed with the new installment of the animated adaptation of the seminal video game series, Castlevania: Nocturne. While the original Castlevania was incredibly successful, the sequel received less than enthusiastic reviews. Normally, Netflix would cancel the project immediately, but apparently the service has to rely heavily on animated productions.