The Marvels Tracking for a Disastrous Worst-Ever Opening Weekend of the MCU

The Marvels Tracking for a Disastrous Worst-Ever Opening Weekend of the MCU
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

Haters of Brie Larson’s team of superheroes are squealing with joy as the latest box office projections for The Marvels prophecy the movie’s complete and utter failure.

As Marvel’s newest movie with a semi-confusing title The Marvels is drawing closer, we’re learning more and more fun details about it. Recently, the fact that Brie Larson’s new outing will be the MCU ’s shortest and cheapest movie (in terms of production costs) already made the general public question its future success.

But production costs and length don’t directly factor into a film’s success.

Still, the MCU decided to take extra precautionary measures and renamed the movie for the Chinese market: there, it will be called Captain Marvel 2 instead of The Marvels. This is supposed to ensure that the Chinese audience, which boosted Captain Marvel’s earnings by a large percentage, correctly links the two movies and shows up in theaters.

So, this sounds promising for The Marvels’ global returns.

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However, things don’t look too promising for The Marvels either way as according to the latest box office projections, the movie is tracking to have the MCU’s most embarrassing box office opening weekend and debut $100M before its predecessor.

According to Box Office Pro, the current opening weekend projection for The Marvels is sitting between $50-75M in the first three days. Against the production budget of $275M, such a result would be disastrous — and if The Marvels go on the lower side of the brace and collect just around $50M, it would become the MCU’s new lowest-opening movie.

Even if the movie hauls $75M, the highest opening amount based on the current estimation, it would still be less than half of what Captain Marvel earned back in the day — and the total domestic box office returns for The Marvels are, too, less than Captain Marvel’s opening weekend haul.

Unless this projection is entirely incorrect and Brie Larson’s new outing overshoots it by a large margin, things are not looking too good for The Marvels. Haters of the movie are quite happy with this news, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

After all, the Captain Marvel 2 trick in China might just work and boost the movie’s global haul tremendously just like it happened with the first installment.

Source: Box Office Pro