The Most Ridiculous Scene in Harry Potter Nobody Talks About

The Most Ridiculous Scene in Harry Potter Nobody Talks About
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No one can doubt the mass admiration there is for the Harry Potter films.

Becoming one of the most significant film franchises in history, they brought audiences all over into the magical wizarding world of J.K Rowling's cherished stories. Although they are praised for their quality and faithfulness in recreating the books, there are a few scenes throughout the franchise that instead appear more absurd than enchanting. Some have now become popular memes among fans, including Harry's outburst of "HE WAS THEIR FRIEND" outside the shrieking shack, Hagrid's reveal to Harry that he's a wizard, and pretty much any scene involving Dobby. However, a part that pretty much takes the cake for most ridiculous could well be a scene from the franchise's fifth film in the series, The Order of the Phoenix.

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The scene in question is towards the later part of the film, immediately after Dumbledore battles 'He Who Must Not Be Named' at the Ministry of Magic. Struggling to win a duel against the Hogwarts Headmaster, Voldermort possesses Harry in an attempt to avoid his own defeat and possibly kill Harry in the process. We are shown several flashbacks to Harry's memories, crudely edited to illustrate Voldermort. Including some rather disturbing shots of his face imposed over Harry's. These grey and smokey visuals continue as Voldermort taunts his victim as a child teases another on a playground. Eventually, this all comes to an end as Harry stops his rabid wriggling and decides to fight back, telling Voldermort that he has no friends; another rather childish insult.

For some unexplained reason, this actually stops Voldermort in his tracks, who suddenly gives up altogether and lets Harry go to escape. Not before being seen by a bunch of Ministry officials including Cornelius Fudge, who make a timely arrival at that very moment.

The reason this scene may be the most ridiculous of them all is that even in a story full of magic and wizardry, the plot takes a much more unrealistic turn. Voldermort, a villain of tremendous arrogance and cruelty, decides to invade Harry's mind with the intention of harming him. But instead is discouraged because Harry tells him of compassion and friendship?

Till this point in the movie, it is clear Harry is a terrible student of occlumency to protect his mind from Voldermort. So how can he defend himself so simply now? The idea of Voldermort fleeing from the realization of his lack of friendship seems unlikely. And love conquering all feels quite corny.

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One reason that this may seem out of place is that the scene never mentions much detail of Voldemort's attack on Harry in the book. After he is possessed, Harry falls unconscious. Unaware of the specifics of what had happened. Clearly edited for a more dramatic sequence, the scene in the film appears much differently. An awkward and not very illogical version of events that makes you wonder 'why not use the version from the books'. Not to mention it gives the much more exciting battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort a rather un-climactic ending. Fortunately, this scene is a rarity amongst the rest of the film, which includes some flawless storytelling. Overall, 'The Order of the Phoenix' is a terrific movie, which often is ranked as one of the series best. It's a small shame this absurd scene slightly ruins it.