The Only People Who Still Watch Home Alone at Christmas Are Those Who Were in It

The Only People Who Still Watch Home Alone at Christmas Are Those Who Were in It
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This Christmas staple doesn’t leave anybody’s household.

It's no secret that the Culkin family's road to success was not a pleasant one. Suffering from various forms of abuse and poverty, Macaulay and his younger sibling Kieran were forced into acting for as long as they can remember.

However, both brothers have made their peace with the situation and are now able to enjoy the work they did in their early years.

Considering that the Home Alone movies remain the Christmas staple for many households in the U.S., it would be unbearable to have to go through the trauma over and over again every year.

While Macaulay, the main star of the film, has clearly embraced his childhood fame but ultimately decided to leave the acting career behind, his brother Kieran has found a passion for the job he was forced into. Now known for his performance as Roman Roy in HBO's hit series Succession, he still looks back on Home Alone with nothing but warmth.

“It was a movie for us too growing up, which is funny. You would think that because he was in it, and it was such a big thing, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it like a Christmas movie, but over the years we have been able to. <...> I need a break every couple of years before I can watch this one again, but we watch it,” the actor revealed during his 2019 Golden Globe interview with ET.

Although Macaulay Culkin turned down an opportunity to appear in Disney+ ’s 2021 reboot of a classic titled Home Sweet Home Alone, he did reprise the role of Kevin McCallister in 2018. The setup of the well-known movie was used by Google to create a parody commercial for Google Assistant.

Considering that Disney's remake has a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's safe to say that going with Google was a much better choice.

With both Macaulay and Kieran Culkin now fathers, it's easy to imagine them sitting down to watch the iconic Christmas story with their respective families at a big reunion. If you want to get into the holiday spirit and watch the movies yourself, you can stream them on Disney+.

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