The Real Goodfellas: 20 Mafia Movies Based on True Stories

The Real Goodfellas: 20 Mafia Movies Based on True Stories
Image credit: Universal Pictures, Warner Bros.

Do you want to know why mafia movies were so popular a little more than two decades ago, but have now faded into oblivion, with only a few B-movies and the occasional Martin Scorcese epic being released every few years?

The answer to this question is quite simple - fans like to watch something that relates to their own lives, and the Mafia played a rather important role in American history in the XXth century, making movies about it immensely popular.

Moreover, the movies about gangsters and crooks were even more popular when they were based on real stories, with people lining up in front of movie theaters to see the likes of Al Capone and John Gotti played by the best actors of the time.

Here are 20 mafia movies based on true events:

While many Hollywood movies, with the exception of biopics, rarely market themselves as true stories and only mention the connection to real events in the opening credits, gangster movies always wear their authenticity on their sleeves and include all too real mob bosses in the story at every appropriate and inappropriate opportunity.

And audiences love to see real-life stories unfold before their eyes, especially when they involve bloodshed and Tommy guns.

A real-life nickname is like a pinch of chili flakes to a gangster movie - it spices things up!