'The Rings of Power' E5 Turns Critics Into Fans By... Including a Song

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The solution was so simple all along.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Rings of Power' episode 5

'The Rings of Power' remains one of the most controversial shows today as its defenders clash with critics over the diverse cast, writing, characters, and storyline. However, it turns out that there was but one thing that could immediately turn haters into lovers — and 'The Rings of Power' utilized it in episode 5.

This thing is a song.

At the beginning of the episode, as the Harfoots proceed with their migration, we hear a hobbit folk song that channels Tolkien vibe even to those who have never read the books. The song is called 'This Wandering Day', and it was created specifically for the show by Bear McCreary.

Even those who hate the show seemed to love episode 5 for the song alone, arguing that it "has justified this show's atrocious existence".

The hobbit song is not the only musical piece that prompts people to fall in love with 'The Rings of Power' even more.

"The soundtrack to #RingsOfPower is stunning. From the hobbits walking song, to the ominous music of the mysterious Mystics, to Scherzo for Violins and Swords (Galadriel teaching the kids of Numenor to fight)." – @Dazed_Bemused

Those who know and love John R.R. Tolkien's books could not underestimate the importance of music and songs for 'The Lord of the Rings' universe. The books offer a rich selection of songs by different peoples of Middle-earth, from elves to hobbits, and the way the show pays respect to that seems to soften the hearts of those who slam Amazon for including characters of color or "turning Galadriel into a Mary Sue", as some view it.

Episode 5, however, is being anointed as "the best one so far" for the way it uses music and visuals to delve deeper into the story.

'The Rings of Power' is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday.

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