The Road so Far: 'The Winchesters' Trailer Breakdown

The Road so Far: 'The Winchesters' Trailer Breakdown
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The 'Supernatural' prequel will delve into the story of John and Mary Winchesters, with the show set to hit screens this fall.

The trailer for 'The Winchesters ' has finally arrived, providing 'Supernatural ' fans with the first look at young John and Mary Winchesters and a handful of Easter eggs and references.

Their son Dean is also very much present: not only Jensen Ackles ' character is set to narrate the story, but we see him in the trailer, leaning against his Impala, on track to find out more about his parents.

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During the trailer's intro, we can see someone's hand dusting off a book that reads "Men of Letters" – this is a reference to the secret elite hunters' group whose bunker the Winchester brothers were using as a home base in last seasons of 'Supernatural'.

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The events of the show will take place in 1972 when John Winchester came home from war. We also caught a glimpse of John and Mary's first meeting – which, according to the new prequel, was quite an awkward occasion. The two face off a demon, and John accidentally punches Mary several times before she hits him back and says 'Stop helping!'

The show also establishes that Mary was "raised to be a hunter", and John is apparently going to hop on that train as well.

We also get to meet a new character, Carlos, who provides John with some first basic lessons about hunting.

At some point in the trailer, John utters the iconic phrase "saving people, hunting things", trying to persuade his mother that this is what he was meant to do.

But some fans have spotted what could be another familiar character in the show, even though Misha Collins ' Castiel appearance has not been announced.

In fact, many people have felt that the prequel is channeling strong vibes of another story about supernatural hunters.

Jensen Ackles is not only starring but also executive producing 'The Winchesters'. His on-screen brother, Jared Padalecki, was not announced as part of the show. It is also unclear whether the prequel will involve any other characters from 'Supernatural'.