'The Sandman' is Yet to Premiere, But Fans Already Have a Crush on This Character

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Know your favs before the release.

If you have never fallen in love with a character after the first sneak-peeks, you are probably not yet a part of 'The Sandman' fandom. With less than ten days ahead of the premiere, fans have already made up their minds about who their crush is going to be: and it's Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine.

Described by Netflix as an occult adventuress and the Crown's necromancer, Johanna is an ancestor of John Constantine – a character you might be familiar with even if you're not really into 'The Sandman'.

According to what we already know about Coleman's character, she has something that the Master of Dreams needs. Fans have already connected the dots to conclude that at least one of the episodes, 'Dream a Little Dream of Me', is going to be centered around Johanna because of the comic canon.

And it seems that people can't wait, because Coleman has already become a massive fan favorite – especially after the release of the trailer.

"The way people felt about Eddie Munson that's gonna be me with Johanna Constantine soon." – @thejennacult

Those who were already in love with Coleman after her performance in 'Doctor Who' seem to be particularly rejoiced about 'The Sandman' premiere.

"Y'all think I'm bad with my Clara obsession lmao I'm abt to be even worse when i get Johanna Constantine." – @houseof12clara

'The Sandman' is a long-awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman's eponymous comics focused on Dream, a superhero capable of controlling dreams and fighting off nightmares. However, the latter seem to be sneaking into the waking world, and Dream will need some supernatural help to deal with it.

The series premieres on August 5, streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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