'The Sandman's 3 Most Unnerving Scenes to Watch

'The Sandman's 3 Most Unnerving Scenes to Watch
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The series managed to get some truly gut-wrenching responses from the audience.

Netflix 's adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's iconic graphic novel 'Sandman' can be quite gruesome and heart-wrenching at times. With the show standing at Netflix's #1 for well over a month, fans take a look back and recall some of the scenes that were truly difficult to watch.

Here are three such scenes that traumatized fans the most.

Exorcism Scene

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In episode 3, 'Dream a Little Dream of Me', Johanna Constantine takes up an unusual task as she suspects that a royal family member has been possessed by a demon. However, a little exorcism trick quickly sheds light on the truth: it was the princess' fiancé who was actually controlled by a demon.

Unfortunately for him, Johanna only had one way of getting rid of the demon: finishing the exorcism and have him crawling out of the human body — with all the gore and blood that comes with it. We actually had to witness the demon tearing up the body and covering the shocked princess in her fiancé's blood — which is kind of unnerving.

24/7 Carnage

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Needless to say, '24/7' was perhaps one of the most unsettling, sinister and gory episode in 'The Sandman ', so we could easily designate the entire episode as just one big tough scene to watch. However, it's all pretty decent until John Dee decides to degrade into actual violence and have the customers of the round-the-clock diner violently kill each other... or themselves.

Fans were genuinely shocked to see the frying hands, poked eyes and dismembering. Luckily for the rest of the city outside the diner, Morpheus arrived just on time to prevent more victims from getting into John's way.

But even the 24/7 carnage was not the most unsettling thing for fans to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a leader coming up next.

Death Claiming a Baby

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In the next episode, 'The Sound of Her Wings', Dream accompanies his Endless sister Death on a stroll, with Death occasionally doing her job and taking people's lives. She is extremely delicate and empathetic when doing so, but it is still sad to watch an old man never getting to finish what he wanted, or a young guy drowning in a river and never saying goodbye to his girlfriend.

But one death that Dream's sister had to facilitate was especially heartbreaking to watch. At some point, Death comes in a house of a young mother, with her little baby in a bed. As soon as Death takes the baby in her arms, we know what is about to happen: the mother will have to deal with what could easily become the worst tragedy of her life as Death claims the life of her child.

There was but one thing fans were grateful for: the fact that the creators did not show the mother screaming in despair and terror when she realized the baby was dead.

"It’s painful. But I think it’s done tastefully. It hits you in the feels just like it supposed to," Reddit user FuturePrimitivePast mentioned.

It turns out that the most emotional and heart-wrenching scenes do not need blood or gore to be tough to watch — and 'The Sandman' proves it beautifully.