'The Sandman' Tweet by Warner Bros. TV Fuels Hope For Season 2 Renewal

Image credit: Netflix

Fans who are concerned about their favorite show not getting a second season only needed a hint.

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. TV tweeted a very cryptic message, saying that "Hell has many names" (a quote from 'The Sandman'), and attaching the show's hashtag and a short clip of Morpheus listing the names that Hell has.

Naturally, fans believed that it was a signal that the season 2 announcement is coming. This would be great news for those who fear that, despite its worldwide success, 'The Sandman' would not get renewed for another season.

The tweet has quickly gone viral, prompting early celebrations in the fandom, even though there was no official confirmation that the show has indeed been greenlit for season 2. Moreover, the series author Neil Gaiman had to weigh in and calm people down, assuring that the studio's tweet was "not a coded Season 2 renewal message."

As if anyone believed him.

Even those fans who were not as quick to celebrate as their other counterparts argued that the tweet was also "not a cancellation announcement" – good news when it comes to Netflix shows recently if you think about it.

As fans are taking different Sandman-related accounts by storm, demanding to announce season 2 immediately, the show's official Twitter account, as well as Netflix and Warner Bros. TV, remain tight-lipped.

The adaptation of Gaiman's iconic graphic novel, 'The Sandman' has spent more than six weeks in Netflix's global top 10. The series has been praised by fans for maintaining the spirit of the canon and sticking to the source material while also adding something new to the story.

Gaiman has indicated that the script for season 2 is ready and only needs a green light from Netflix. Still, the network has not provided any updates on the project's future, sparking concerns that 'The Sandman' might face the same fate as 'First Kill' and get canceled after season 1 despite pretty impressive numbers.

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