The Side-Eye We're Giving the Harry Potter Movies for Butchering Hermione

The Side-Eye We're Giving the Harry Potter Movies for Butchering Hermione
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We knew that Emma Watson's Hermione was not (and could not be) a carbon copy of the book character, but seriously.

It's impossible to make a book into a movie without sacrificing something, but the Harry Potter fandom is still upset about how the movies have treated the character of Hermione Granger.

Those who love the books know that Hermione had a slightly different appearance than Emma Watson's character. But it's not just about looks; in fact, the movie version of Hermione seems to lack the passion of her book alter ego, which sometimes bordered on aggression.

Many fans believe that the book version of Hermione was almost a rebel, never afraid to be tough when necessary, while the movies...

"Instead of making her interesting, they went a different route of making her nearly perfect and quite flat in personality. There was ample time for her, or any of the main characters who were constantly on screen anyway, to be developed interestingly," Redditor Powerful_Artist said.

Moreover, even the way the movies "took away" all the cool things Ron did in the books and gave them to Hermione failed to make her more interesting. Instead, the movies ruined two important characters, turning Ron into a "dumbass" and leaving Hermione on the verge of becoming a Mary Sue, according to fans.

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In fact, many people believe that the book version of Hermione actually belonged in Slytherin because of how cunning and even vicious she was at times. From the Polyjuice conspiracy in her second year to actually kidnapping and blackmailing Rita Skeeter, this stuff doesn't sound like a know-it-all from Gryffindor.

Maybe that's why the movies went for a softer version of the character after all?