The Trippiest Sci-Fi Show of 2024 Drops on Prime with 89% Tomatometer

The Trippiest Sci-Fi Show of 2024 Drops on Prime with 89% Tomatometer
Image credit: Amazon Studios

This series will appeal to all fans of adult animation.


  • Prime has a new animated sci-fi series from the writer of Russian Doll.
  • Its special feature is an all-star cast.
  • But even without the cast, the series has many qualities, including a lovely visual style and a gripping, mature story.

In the wake of the global success of Adventure Time, we've seen a proliferation of sci-fi and fantasy series that attempt to provide compelling settings and narratives while being unconventional in their attempts to deconstruct typical pop culture tropes and clichés. Examples include Invincible, a subversive superhero subgenre in the vein of Watchmen and The Boys, the undeservedly canceled sci-fi sitcom Inside Job from the creators of Gravity Falls and BoJack Horseman, and of course (yes, this one begs to be mentioned) Rick and Morty.

But while the latter has become so self-indulgent in its misanthropic, absurdist humor that it's become a dull, edgy wannabe South Park, pop culture knows other animated sci-fi series that (at least for now) have yet to run out of steam in their eclectic setting. What's more, not too long ago, less than a month ago, Prime released a new sci-fi show with a psychedelic style reminiscent of Rick and Morty or even The Midnight Gospel, and a plot reminiscent of workplace sitcoms and even procedural dramas!

New Sci-Fi Series' Star-Studded Cast

Before we get into a head-on discussion of the new series on Amazon's streaming service, let's take a look at the actors who are voicing the roles in the show. If you're still not intrigued by the aforementioned points, the star-studded cast will certainly make an argument for why the show is worth checking out as soon as possible.

  • Dr. Sleech — Stephanie Hsu
  • Dr. Klak — Keke Palmer
  • Dr. Plowp — Kieran Culkin
  • Dr. Vlam — Maya Rudolph
  • Nurse Tupp — Natasha Lyonne
  • Dr. Azel — Sam Smith
  • Matt — Andrew Dismukes
  • Dr. K — Tracee Ellis Ross

What Is This Sci-Fi Comedy About?

Now that we've focused on the talent involved in the show, let's talk about the show itself. We're talking about The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, which debuted on Prime on February 23, 2024 with eight episodes. The show was created by writer Cirocco Dunlap, known for her work on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Man Seeking Woman, Baymax! and Russian Doll.

The plot is about two best friends who work as surgeons in a hospital somewhere in the galaxy (and the only one in the distance of 312 years). But don't let that put you off, because as doctors, Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak can cure even the most alien of ailments, including time perception dissonance and infections that turn the patient into the last person you had sex with.

Each episode begins as a surreal twist on medical dramas like House, Grey's Anatomy or Chicago Med, as the plot involves diagnosing and treating patients with alien diseases. However, there's enough personal drama in the story to provide character development for the main characters, as well as sweet and cautionary tales about overcoming mental barriers and trauma.

What Are Critics and Viewers Saying About the New Animated Series?

At the time of this writing, the series, although released less than a month ago, has already received very impressive reviews. It has a 92% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Many have praised The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy for its unparalleled charm, achieved through a mix of genres and character dynamics. The vivid personalities of Hsu and Palmer's characters, Kieran Culkin's trademark neuroticism, and Natasha Lyonne's unapologetic outspokenness are just a few of the highlights.

Especially noteworthy is the catchy animation style. It partly resembles the aforementioned The Midnight Gospel in its colorfulness, while it is also reminiscent of BoJack Horseman in its simplicity. However, it is original beyond compare, perfectly depicting the emotions and feelings of the characters who, despite their extraterrestrial biological features, feel alive and human.