'The Umbrella Academy': Here's Why This Character Death Could Actually Be Good For Them

'The Umbrella Academy': Here's Why This Character Death Could Actually Be Good For Them
Image credit: Legion-Media

'The Umbrella Academy' is such a chaotic TV show that its fans somehow root for their favorite characters to… die.

Klaus Hargreeves, also known as the Umbrella Academy 's Number Four, is capable of commuting with the dead and, occasionally, even providing them a little bridge to the land of the living. He is also arguably immortal; not so much in the series but in the comics, with the Netflix show leaving his immortality ambiguous.

Even though Klaus died multiple times in the first season of 'The Umbrella Academy', it is unclear whether he is capable of irreversibly passing away, given that in season 1 he even made it out alive from the afterlife after meeting God (yep).

Still, fans argue that Klaus could actually benefit from dying one more time. According to Twitter user reylen, Number Four can, in fact, die – but he cannot stay dead.

The fan continues to argue that every "death" that Klaus went through has actually changed him for the better, providing more character development and opening new sides to him.

It is quite possible that Klaus will yet again have to die in the upcoming season, given how many times he was dead in previous ones. Even in the alternative timelines visited by Number Five, Klaus, as well as the other siblings and pretty much the rest of the world, was dead – but the show never made it clear whether he remained in the afterlife.

In less than a month, a new season of 'The Umbrella Academy' arrives on Netflix, with the chaotic siblings to face off their twisted variants, the Sparrow Academy, in a new timeline they arrived at to avoid yet another apocalypse. Just how well that works out, we will find out on June 22.