The Umbrella Academy vs. The Sparrow Academy: Cast Weighs In On Who's More Powerful

The Umbrella Academy vs. The Sparrow Academy: Cast Weighs In On Who's More Powerful
Image credit: Legion-Media

Who would win in a battle between several chaotic superhero siblings?

As the cast of 'The Umbrella Academy ' gathered on Netflix Geeked panel to discuss what the future holds for their characters — and their twisted variants from the alternative timeline, where the Umbrella Academy was switched to the Sparrow Academy.

At the panel, each cast member – the already familiar ones and one new actress, Genesis Rodriguez, – were asked who would win in a fight: the Umbrella Academy members or their number opposites?

When it comes to Luther and his alternate Number One Marcus, Tom Hopper, the actor portraying "our" Number One, said that the fight would be tough. However, he added, since Marcus might be a bit faster that Luther, the victory would probably be his.

Diego would face off with alternate Ben, since he is Number Two in the Sparrow Academy. David Castaneda, who plays Diego, also gave the victory to Ben… but with a twist.

"But Ben would cry," Castaneda suggested. Justin Min, however, quickly said it would be Diego who would cry.

"Ben would kill Diego before the knives could even come out," Min continued, referring to Diego's superhuman ability to wield knives.

When asked about the outcome of Alison vs. Fey fight, Emmy Raver-Lampman (Alison) sided (finally!) with her own character. Given how Alison is capable to make anyone do anything with just three words, Fey can hardly stand a chance against her, the actress argued.

Then, it was Aidan Gallagher's turn to imagine the fight between his Number Five and Sloane from the Umbrella Academy. His response was perhaps the most diplomatic.

"I think Five would defuse the conflict rather than fight," Aidan said. "I think Five would make sure he understood the scenario before he starts killing people."

Since Elliott Page and Robert Sheehan were not present at the panel, their suggestions remained unknown. But we could definitely see how their fights would play out when season 3 of 'The Umbrella Academy' premieres on June 22… just saying.