The Wait for Rings of Power Season 2 Is Going to be Excruciatingly Long

The Wait for Rings of Power Season 2 Is Going to be Excruciatingly Long
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The Rings of Power fans hope that the production of the Amazon Prime show will pick up speed by season 5.

Season 1 finale of the prequel to The Lord of the Rings only hit the screens on October 14, but the next chapter of the show is already in production, as new set videos leaked on Twitter show.

Still, the show fans seem to be a long way off from being able to enjoy the next season. Loads of time are needed for filming, editing, and post-production of a show of this scale. The filming of the eight-episode season 1 took 19 months – from February 2020 to August 2021 – with a COVID-19 pandemic break. It means fans are not to expect season 2 in the nearest future, not in 2023 for sure.

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With no release date set for The Rings of Power season 2, fans took to Reddit to speculate on the subject. "Could be up to 2 years, but my suspicion is we will get something in around the 18 to 20-month mark," one commenter wrote, and others seem to agree.

With another four seasons of the Rings of Power queued up, fans hope that season 1 has become a training ground for the show creators, and now they can use that experience to speed up the process. "I think by the time we get to season 4 we'll be at about 14 months between seasons as the regular rhythm," Redditor Iluraphale wrote to the delight of other fans.

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No matter how long they have to wait, fans agree that season 2 is already shaping up to be a banger. "I think they've heard some of the complaints about the pacing, and they're going to come out on a mission to blow people's socks off – these guys love Tolkien as much as we do – I'm here for it," Iluraphale added.

Waiting for 1.5 – 2 years for the continuation of a favorite story could be excruciating, but The Rings of Power fans try not to be discouraged by this long wait. They are planning to rewatch the show and original Peter Jackson films, reread J.R.R. Tolkien books, and discuss Middle-earth with fellow fans. After all, the upcoming holiday season and Tolkien world go perfectly together.