There's a Reason to Daniel Craig's Huge Paycheck for Glass Onion, Knives Out

There's a Reason to Daniel Craig's Huge Paycheck for Glass Onion, Knives Out
Image credit: globallookpress

Unlike pretty much everything in the movies, the actor's salary is not a mystery.

Daniel Craig has received astronomically high salaries for his role as Detective Benoit Blanc in Knives Out and its sequel Glass Onion, and is poised to cash in even more for the upcoming third installment of Netflix 's surprisingly popular franchise.

Craig was paid $50 million to return as Blanc in Glass Onion. He made it $100 million after receiving another $50 million for Knives Out 3.

Glass Onion opened to $9.4 million in late November and grossed some $13 million in total. Due to the lack of a major theatrical release — and therefore potential box office bonuses — Netflix sprinkles its contracts with additional sums to make up for it. This is why Craig's paycheck for the Knives Out franchise is so huge and is on track to get even bigger.

In fact, according to Variety, Craig became the highest-paid movie star as a result of Netflix's generosity.

Meanwhile, the Knives Out franchise is nowhere near pulling the plug. As fans enjoy Glass Onion's exciting new story and twisted ending, the third movie is about to hit screens in 2024. Director Rian Johnson said that now that the Netflix deal is "structured", he is free to expand the series, but the threequel is currently in the very early stages.

With plot details still kept under wraps, we do know that Craig certainly will return as Benoit Blanc... and will once again collect his huge salary for the project.