There's a Subtle 'Death Note' Easter Egg in 'The Sandman' We Never Knew We Needed

Image credit: Netflix

Do you know what Death's favorite human food is?

Some Easter eggs are sometimes unintentional, and others might be nothing short of fans wanting to see something that is not actually there. However, when it comes to episode 6 of 'The Sandman', one just cannot get rid of the thought when it comes.

When Dream meets his sister Death in a park, and the latter interrupts the iconic process of birds feeding, the two take a little promenade while Death is occasionally doing her job. At some point, she approaches a street fruit stall and gets… an apple.

'Death Note' fans were not surprised to see that it was a red apple of an exquisite taste that immediately attracted Death – which is only natural because we have learned that Death loves red apples back in 2008 when the iconic manga and anime first came out.

A quick catch-up for those not really into 'Death Note': in the series, a shinigami (Japenese God of Death) named Ryuk is particularly fond of red apples as he is of the human realm and the adventures of a schoolboy Light Yagami who embarks on a chilling journey to serve something he believes is justice.

The way Death in 'The Sandman' gets a red apple might just be an innocent touch of humanity, but 'Death Note' fans are not ready to believe that it was not homage to the iconic Japanese series.

'The Sandman' offers a pretty different take on Death than we are used to: instead of a cruel, cold-hearted and emotionless creature that basically doesn't care, this Death appears to be sensible and empathetic. In this case, she is nothing like Ryuk from 'Death Note' who, despite not being at all emotionless and cynic, did not care much about human suffering and seemed to enjoy it.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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