There's One Character in 'Stranger Things' Who Would Hate Eddie Munson

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Is someone even capable of that?

Eddie Munson, portrayed by British actor Joseph Quinn, is an undisputed 'Stranger Things' fandom's new darling. He quickly became a friend to the Hawkins gang, as well as conquered everyone's hearts before breaking them by dying at the end of season 4.

However, 'Stranger Things' fans now believe that there is, in fact, a certain character who would definitely not enjoy being around Eddie and would probably even hate him. This character is in fact notorious for not dealing with outsiders very well, preferring to stick to the people he already knows.

We are certainly talking about Will Byers. The character that is arguably the least prone to changes and new things, he would most certainly be unnerved by Eddie's powerful and sometimes bizarre aura, as well as his quirky personality. According to a lengthy Twitter thread by strangerwriiter, Will and Eddie are simply way too different to actually enjoy being around each other.

"They may both be "outcasts", but they're not the same kind. At all. They might bond over certain things such as DnD, not being popular, but more aspects of their personalities clash rather than work," the Twitter user explained.

The fact that they are not the same type of outcast is perhaps the biggest issue with the potential friendship or even romantic connection between Will and Eddie, which some fans seem to notice and cherish. But such fans are not ready to simply ditch their favorite duo – even though Will and Eddie have never interacted on screen.

"The Chrissy forest scene showed that Eddie will do anything to put an anxious person at ease and make them feel seen. Plus Will laughs at silly voices and loves dramatic storytelling (Joyce's witch voice/DnD). Plus a "freak" who's ok with it? Maybe not at first but FRIENDS." – @Bees_neees

It's unlikely the two will get a chance to interact, since Eddie's death – at least for now – seems official and irreversible. However, should the numerous fan theories suggesting that he will come back end up being true, then we will have a chance to see just how well would Will and Eddie get along.

Joseph Quinn himself notably prefers to play coy when pressured on Eddie's death and the possibility of his return in the wake of the massive fan love the character received.

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