There Were Other Versions of 'No Way Home', and Guess What They Prepared for Venom

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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is definitely one of the most mind-blowing Marvel movies when it comes to flirting with the idea of the multiverse, but turns out it could've gone even further.

Venom has had his brief appearance in 'No Way Home' post-credits, but seems that the screenwriters eyed the possibility of a bigger role for him.

"We were going to try to have him show up at the Statue of Liberty [for the final fight], and we were even toying with having him stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel," Chris McKenna, one of the movie's co-writers, revealed to Empire.

In the end, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock appeared in MCU's bar, but never made it out, with Dr. Strange's spell dragging him back to his own universe.

Did the writers make the right choice, though?

Some fans believe that, despite the alternative Venom scenario looking tempting, it wouldn't make much sense.

And it also leaves space for Venom in other MCU movies.

With movies like 'No Way Home' and 'Morbius' both messing with the multiverse, fans are scratching their heads when it comes to connecting the dots between different Spidey-universes. For example, we know that Venom and Morbius are officially in the same universe, but we have no idea whose Spider-Man slings the web in their world.

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