This Actor Will Not Return For 'Wakanda Forever'

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The first part of 'Black Panther' boasted one of the most star-studded casts in MCU history, so it's pretty sad not to see this talented actor again.

Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya wasn't that big a celebrity when 'Black Panther' premiered, so his role as the traitor W'Kabi seemed like a breakout to many. His character's story was perfectly finished in the first installment, but the chance to bring the actor back for more action was certainly very tempting for Kevin Feige and his creative team. But it seems Kaluuya doesn't really want to waste his time shooting blockbusters, preferring to star in smaller indie productions.

Kaluuya recently confirmed that he will not be reprising his role in the upcoming film 'Wakanda Forever'; instead, he will be starring in Jordan Peele's 'Nope'. It's not uncommon for actors to leave a production due to scheduling issues, but leaving the MCU in favor of the critically acclaimed horror maestro definitely proves that Kaluuya is taking his career very seriously, making a big bet on 'Nope'.

Despite this sad news, people are okay with Kaluuya skipping the movie, arguing that his character's storyline is complete and there's no sense for him to appear.

However, some fans are still unhappy that W'Kabi will not appear this year because they expected him to be developed into much deeper character than he was in the first 'Black Panther'.

"Big loss though. He was a huge get for the first movie despite ending up underused. I'd hoped they'd have a better role for him this time around." – /BigConversation13937.

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