This Character’s Return in The Good Doctor Finale Had a Bigger Mission Than You Thought

This Character’s Return in The Good Doctor Finale Had a Bigger Mission Than You Thought
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The show’s final episodes are bringing in much more drama that its viewers can handle.


  • The Good Doctor is less than a week away from its definite finale that is already set to hit the viewers quite hard, especially after the beloved original character’s return in the previous episodes.
  • Having left the show after season 4, the character has been recently brought back with yet another disheartening revelation for everyone to cope with.
  • Despite the viewers’ overall opinion about why the return was planned like this, The Good Doctor’s creators give a different definition for the character’s mission in the finale.

Ahead of its approaching finale, ABC’s The Good Doctor is getting more emotionally wrenching than ever before, and so many fans aren’t ready for it all.

The latest episodes of the show’s seventh and final season reintroduced Claire Browne, portrayed by Antonia Thomas, who had a sweet reunion with her ex-colleagues after leaving the main storyline for several seasons, but her comeback turned out to be something much more dramatic than everyone expected.

Now that most of the main mysteries are revealed, The Good Doctor’s actors have opened up about Claire’s real mission upon her big return.

Claire was a beloved character ever since her appearance in The Good Doctor’s first season and right up to her departure after the season 4 finale. Always happening to be a caring and kind person, the character earned a lot of love from the viewers due to her ability to find a way to communicate effectively with everyone around her, especially with Freddie Highmore’s Shaun who had certain difficulties due to his autism.

However, Claire’s kind nature was desperately trying to hide her personal troubles, especially her complicated relationships with an abusive mother. By the end of season 4, Claire is seen making up her mind about leaving San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital to continue her work in Guatemala helping those who needed it the most.

The Good Doctor’s season 7 brings Claire back to the screen after she meets up with her ex-colleagues once again ahead of having a check-up which would later confirm that she has breast cancer.

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The first part of the finale that aired on May 14 captures Claire’s sweet confession to her ex-boyfriend Jared and seemingly teases some kind of happy ending for the character, but then suddenly shows her faint and rushed to the hospital.

Such plot twists may have seemed somewhat intentionally dramatical for many of those who are eager to see what the finale will do to all the characters, but, according to the show’s creators, Claire’s return had a much more profound meaning than that.

The Good Doctor Writer Addresses Claire’s Comeback

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In a recent interview gathering The Good Doctor’s writer David Shore, showrunner Liz Friedman and leading actor Freddie Highmore, Friedman revealed that Claire’s comeback to the series wasn’t meant to be just another shocking plot twist to hit the viewers with, but rather a familiar voice that would make it clear how much everything and everybody have changed throughout the years that she has spent in another country.

According to the showrunner, the character was brought back primarily “to comment on how people had changed and specifically how Shaun and Lea had changed”.

The second part of The Good Doctor’s finale titled Goodbye is set to be released on May 21.

Source: Deadline