This Fan Theory Suggests Soldier Boy Kidnapping Was Orchestrated by The Vought

This Fan Theory Suggests Soldier Boy Kidnapping Was Orchestrated by The Vought
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"The Russians", they said.

Soldier Boy is one of the most attention-grabbing characters in 'The Boys ', not least due to the mysteries surrounding his past. Like his Marvel prototype, Captain America, Soldier Boy is also a stranger in modern times, as he was the superhero of World War II times.

The fact that he re-emerges alive and well after all these years was shocking to pretty much everyone in the current timeline of 'The Boys', given that Soldier Boy was believed to be dead after he was kidnapped by the Russians.

Or was he?

One curious fan theory posted on Reddit suggests that the mysterious Soldier Boy kidnapping was in fact nothing short of an inside job orchestrated by the Vought with the use of Payback and Black Noir. As unreasonable as it may seem at first, the theory mulls the possibility that the Vought might have had a plan to make use of Soldier Boy's ability to depower supes.

"It makes sense to take the strongest one there is (at the time), make him able to depower Supes, and get him on a leash somehow," the author of the fan theory suggested.

Essentially, it would make sense if the Vought put Soldier Boy on ice in order for him to become a "Supe Killer" if necessary. Now that he is freed by the Boys, it seems just too lucky for the group to come across the intel regarding the weapon that could kill Homelander. The fact that it happens simultaneously with them freeing Soldier Boy also seems to be hinting at something.

After a new episode of 'The Boys' drops on Friday, there will be just one week until the finale premieres, wrapping up season 3 and unveiling all secrets… or potentially setting the scene for even more mysteries.