This Gruesome Twilight Movie Scene Was Much Worse For Edward In The Book

This Gruesome Twilight Movie Scene Was Much Worse For Edward In The Book
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Renesmee’s birth was a terrifying enough experience in the movie, but it was miles worse in the book, and we don’t even know how Edward dealt with it.


  • Renesmee Cullen was a half-human, half-vampire hybrid. Children like her drain their mothers’ health and kill them during birth.
  • In the movie, the scene where Bella gives birth to Renesmee is already unsettling, but it was even more terrifying in the book.
  • In the book, Edward hears the baby’s thoughts as it’s suffocating to death at the same time as he watched his wife die before him.

For many Twilight fans, the entire sequence of Bella Swan giving birth to her and Edward’s daughter Renesmee is the most uncomfortable and appaling to watch due to Bella’s terrifying physical state, her immeasurable pain, and eventual death. Childbirth is never easy, but giving birth to a half-vampire is on a whole other level.

If that scene leaves you petrified, too, you might not want to read it in the books: there, Edward’s sheer horror and desperation is many times more palpable.

Renesmee Was A Truly Unique Child

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Human children are born naturally. Vampires can’t be born that way. But half-human, half-vampire hybrid kids are, first of all, incredibly rare, and second of all, born like human children — except unlike their “normal” peers, they drain their mothers dry when developing and inevitably kill them during childbirth due to their nature.

Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, was such a hybrid. Her development in the womb turned Bella into a bleak shadow of herself, both mentally and physically, and when she gave birth, she went through bone-crushing pain in the most literal sense… And died on the table after finally delivering Renesmee.

Twilight Movies Concealed Renesmee’s Scary Birth Detail

As we already stated, Renesmee’s birth in the movie is far from a pleasant and relaxing scene. But in the book, it was much worse — at least, for poor old Edward.

Before Bella went into labor, Edward heard the baby’s thoughts for the first time; this time, however, we bet he wished his unique ability failed to work like it did on Bella.

When Edward started yelling that the baby was suffocating, he didn’t learn it from his anatomy classes or anything like that: he was literally hearing the baby’s panicked cries as it was struggling for life.

Edward was simultaneously watching his beloved wife die on the table while giving birth — and listening to their baby dying, too!

This must have been the most terrifying experience anyone could possibly imagine, and we have no idea how Edward even mended his psyche after that all was settled.