This Harry Potter & Game of Thrones Star Reportedly Just Joined the MCU

This Harry Potter & Game of Thrones Star Reportedly Just Joined the MCU
Image credit: Warner Bros, HBO

Latest report suggests the unlikely Harry Potter and Game of Thrones actress found her way into the upcoming MCU project and has already filmed her scenes!


  • According to a famous Hollywood insider, a Harry Potter and Game of Thrones star has joined the MCU.
  • So far, neither her character nor the nature of the project have been revealed.
  • Fans speculate the actress won’t have a major role, but the MCU is an important step for her career nonetheless.

Appropriately for the MCU’s multiverse story, some of the most iconic fictional universes all have something in common — or, rather, someone. Natalia Tena has starred in the Harry Potter movies and Game of Thrones, and now she’s reportedly made her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a mysterious new character.

Natalia Tena Joined an Unknown MCU Project

According to a famous Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, the onboarding process is an ancient story for Natalia Tena: the actress has not only already joined the MCU, but has also even shot her scenes for the mysterious project. That’s right — so far, we don’t even know whether it’s a movie or a TV show, let alone which character Tena will portray.

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Natalia Tena is largely famous for her portrayals of Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter movies and Osha in Game of Thrones, as well as the 2002 movie About a Boy where she had a minor appearance. Joining the MCU is likely to become an important step in the actress’ career, allowing her to add the third major franchise to her Infinity Stones collection.

Marvel Fans Can’t Guess Natalia Tena’s Character

Since Daniel Richtman broke the news of the Harry Potter star’s upcoming appearance in a mysterious MCU project, Marvel fans have been trying to guess her new character. So far, those are just blind guesses impossible to confirm or deny.

The most popular theory, however, is based on the assumption that Natalia Tena’s character won’t be a major one: following this logic, many fans suggest the actress will portray a variant of some other superhero. Fewer people believe that she’ll take over an important character in a big upcoming movie like The Fantastic Four.

The insider’s report is yet to be confirmed, and until then, we’ll have to stay in the dark. What we’ll say, though, is that Natalia Tena is a talented actress who totally deserves a shot at a major role, so here’s to hoping that’s exactly what she GoT.

Source: Daniel Richtman via Patreon