This Harry Potter Scene Was Meant to Melt Hearts, But Gave Fans The Ick Instead

This Harry Potter Scene Was Meant to Melt Hearts, But Gave Fans The Ick Instead
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The movie would do just as fine without this moment.

Over the years, the Harry Potter franchise has provided audiences with many memorable moments.

We have grown up, laughed, fallen in love and cried with our favorite characters from the books that came to life on the big screen with the movies.

Despite the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling in recent years, most fans still have fond memories of the story and are eager to read and re-watch it many times.

However, there is one scene that does not make viewers feel particularly comfortable. What's worse, it's an unskippable one, one with deep meaning for the character's background and motives.

The moment in question is captured in the 2011 film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where Professor Severus Snape, portrayed by Alan Rickman, speaks with Dumbledore, portrayed by Michael Gambon.

During the emotional dialogue, Snape recalls the moment he found Lily Potter's breathless body on the floor, and viewers see flashbacks of that night.

As heartbreaking as Snape's backstory is, and as tense as the dialogue between the two professors is, the audience couldn't help but get the chills from this scene.

"I thought it was just weird. Like, you had to step over the body of this woman's husband to hug her corpse while her infant son is screaming nearby.

She hasn't spoken to you in almost a decade because you called her a horrible slur and then joined a terrorist organization devoted to killing people like her. This is just creepy, Severus," Redditor Riley-O-Reilly said, explaining why the scene felt so unnatural and to this day bothers many people so much.

While some of the fandom shared how uncomfortable they felt watching this moment in the theater, others argued that the scene was a good portrayal of both Snape's one-sided feelings and his general awkwardness.

Another trick is to think of this moment not as a truthful recollection of the events, but as his perspective on them many years later.

No wonder Lily was the focus of his attention since she still holds such a dear place in his heart.Whether or not this scene was worth adding to the script you can judge yourself.

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