This Meme Perfectly Sums Up Why Ron Was Harry Potter's Biggest Disappointment

This Meme Perfectly Sums Up Why Ron Was Harry Potter's Biggest Disappointment
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Movie Ron deserved better!

Although the Harry Potter movie franchise has become a huge pop culture hit, fans of J.K. Rowling's books found it difficult to accept some of the changes the films made to the beloved novels.

Entire storylines and characters were cut due to limited screen time. But the most objectionable changes were made to the main characters.

Many characteristics of the movie Harry, Hermione, and Ron feel wrong when compared to their book counterparts. The movies seem to have changed everything, from appearance and speech to behavior and personality.

But if Hermione and Harry were given upgraded, idealized qualities, Ron was done dirty. And even eleven years after the release of the final installment, fans still can't get over the disappointment they feel about it.

As proof, Redditor u/lolilololoko recently posted a meme on the Harry Potter subreddit comparing Ron from the books to Ron from the movies. And this meme alone is enough to see how much the movies underestimate Ron.

Through the hilarious collage, the author shows how in the books, Ron was a brave, loyal to his friends, caring, and daring bad boy who had a hilarious and witty one-liner for almost every situation, making both characters and readers laugh.

Meanwhile, in the movies, Ron was portrayed as an incompetent, cowardly, generic sidekick who was always eating something in the most ridiculous way and making funny faces that made him the butt of the joke instead of being in on the joke.

Commenters agreed with this sentiment. Sure, Ron eats a lot in the books, but he does a lot more things that the franchise writers seemed to forget.

For example, it was ridiculous to watch Ron not know basic things about the world he grew up in. In the books, Ron was understandably the one who introduced Harry and the readers to the culture and folklore of the wizarding world.

He also knew some important facts, such as dragon breeding, from his older brothers and parents. For some obscure reason, the movies decided to give this role to the muggle-born Hermione.

While the book Ron is a relatable everyman character who is just as useful as Harry and Hermione, the movie Ron is more of a class clown who is played for laughs and might as well not even be there most of the time.

The beloved character definitely deserved better.