This Ryan Gosling Childhood Video Proves He Was Born to Play Barbie's Ken

This Ryan Gosling Childhood Video Proves He Was Born to Play Barbie's Ken
Image credit: Legion-Media

This 36-second masterpiece could put all debates to an end.

As soon as Greta Gerwig's Barbie posters and the second trailer were dropped, all the attention of the movie geeks went straight to In.

Bright colors, a clever adaptation of the children's story, and an extensive cast with many big names in the industry could not leave anyone indifferent.

It seems that the "She's everything. He's just Ken" slogan should have helped get rid of all the unwanted questions, but Ken is still getting a lot of heat from a part of the audience for... being too old.

Over the past few days, both Ryan Gosling, who took over the role of Ken, and the Barbie production team have been heavily criticized for casting the 42-year-old actor as a plastic doll.

While some find it strange to see wrinkles on the face of someone who's supposed to be non-human, others adore the way Gosling acts in the trailer and argue that there's no better Ken a casting director could have asked for.

The childhood video of Ryan Gosling dancing on stage in a group full of girls has been on the Internet for years, but only these days can we fully appreciate the vision.

Shiny silver and purple costumes, the pop beat of Touch Me by Cathy Dennis, the stage presence of the young actor at the age of 12.

What else would you need to be convinced that Ryan Gosling was born to play Ken?

Well, maybe the fact that Gosling was the one who planned the outfit for the occasion would be the deciding factor for you.

The actor isn't very proud of his choices today, but he did admit to being the sole decision maker in the interview for Time:

"I wish I could say someone said, 'Here you have to wear this,' but that was my idea. I thought, 'I have a vision for this number. It's lots of purple and silver Hammer pants," he said, explaining the story behind the costume.

Whether Ryan Gosling will have a say on his Ken's attire we'll have to find out later this year.

Barbie is set to premiere on July 21, 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.