This Soldier Boy Scene in 'The Boys' S3 Finale Might Be Deeper Than It Seems

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Did someone say "daddy issues"?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 8

With 'The Boys' finale being all about family drama, there was a certain scene between Homelander and Soldier Boy that got fans thinking that maybe Jensen Ackles' character has a lot more drama to deal with than he shows.

When the two meet each other in the Vought tower, Homelander reveals that he brought Ryan with him, introducing him to Soldier Boy as his grandson. Soldier Boy looks baffled and emotional as he approaches Homelander and puts a hand on his shoulder. Is he going to hug him and team up against the Boys?!

Ah, no, he's just being Soldier Boy. During his little speech, Ackles' character says that maybe if he raised, Homelander wouldn't turn out to be a "weak, sniveling p**sy starved for attention".

Homelander looks geniunely shocked by this statement. "I'm you," he tells Soldier Boy, only for him to reply with "I know. You're a f**king disappointment."

As shocking as it was to Homelander, the scene might have been more than just Soldier Boy trying to hurt him as much as he can. Fans came to thinking that maybe Soldier Boy in facts hates himself, and not his biological son.

"I wonder if that means Soldier Boy actually sees himself as a massive disappointment. "I'm you" "I know, and you're a disappointment" is an indirect way of saying he actually hates himself deep down but that there's is no fixing what he is." – @MyPykeWillStabU.

After all, it was his own father who told Soldier Boy that he was a disappointment, even after he took part in the experiments that turned him into a superhero. According to Soldier Boy's father, "a real man" would not have "cheated" like that. So perhaps Ackles' character was doing nothing short of projecting his own daddy issues on Homelander.

We certainly can expect this issue to be explored next season, since both Soldier Boy and Homelander survived the final stand-off. And these two do look like they have a lot of things to discuss.

'The Boys' finale is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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