This Valkyrie Scene in 'Love and Thunder' Trailer Might Hint at One Character's Death

Image credit: Legion-Media

Or maybe indicate his god-like generosity.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' will clearly have a lot of gods from different pantheons worrying about their fate, since the movie's villain is ominously nicknamed "the God Butcher". But it looks like the death of at least one god was inadvertently spoiled in the new trailer released on Monday.

Or else why is Valkyrie wielding Zeus' lightning when she is seen fighting Gorr?

Fans have suspected before that Zeus is nothing more than a comic relief in the movie, but now they seem to be absolutely sure that the Greek God of Lightning is going to be on the list of Gorr's victims.

Although one cannot rule out the possibility of Valkyrie simply snatching the lightning from Zeus at some point. After all, Thor did not have to die for Jane Foster to wield his weapon, Mjolnir, so maybe Zeus also has a chance to survive the movie.

Some people, however, are already mourning Zeus, claiming that the movie is going to have him killed solely in order to give Valkyrie a power-up.

We will get to see Russell Crowe's Zeus in the Thor sequel after it premieres in theaters on July 8. When the time comes, we'll get to see who was right about the Greek god's fate in 'Love and Thunder'.

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