Thor Fandom Rattled by Clash Between Old-Schoolers and Taika Waititi Fans

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As soon as the first trailer for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' has finally dropped, the fandom found itself divided over which vision of the Thor world they prefer: the one created by Kenneth Branagh back in 2011, or the new take on Asgard by Taika Waititi.

There is an ongoing battle between Thor fans who prefer the "serious" Thor movies directed by Kenneth Branagh, and those appreciating the goofy and hilarious world offered by Taika Waititi, who took over the director's seat to create the 2017 trequel 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

Some claim that Thor was "awesome" back at the time when it was up for Branagh to set the mood.

They also believe that the first movies were the best ones when it came to representation of Thor and the characters of the lore.

But others weigh in and remind the old-schoolers that Branagh was also, in fact, no stranger to "goofy comedy".

According to them, the first Thor movies were "mid".

And some people just can't help but notice that the wave of criticism towards Taika Waititi appeared to intensify just when the new trailer hinted at a certain vibe between Star-Lord and Thor and introduced Jane Foster as the female Thor.

Some people, however, decided to stay in between the raging camps of fans, hoping for a good mixture of both seriousness and goofiness in the upcoming Thor sequel.

We will get to make our own decision when 'Thor: Love and Thunder' hits the screens – on July 8 2022.

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