'Thor: Love and Thunder': Is Korg Actually Gay?

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Taika Waititi's blockbuster will soon hit theaters worldwide, and fans are already discussing one important leaked plot point.

Korg, voiced by Waititi himself, debuted in the MCU in 'Thor 3' and quickly became a beloved comic-relief character. Described as a mighty warrior, Korg still has an almost childlike personality, easily excitable and undeniably friendly. Accompanying Chris Hemsworth's character in his third solo film, Korg will naturally appear in 'Love and Thunder' as well, again making fans laugh and cheer for the lovable Kronan warrior. But it seems that in the upcoming movie, the alien warrior will become a much more complex character.

Korg has never been the subject of a discussion concerning sexuality, but after the recent world premiere of 'Love and Thunder' in Los Angeles, some interesting information about Waititi's character has surfaced. According to a leaked plot posted on Reddit, Korg is actually gay, as he has a baby with another Kronan with a mustache in the final moments of the film.

And this shouldn't surprise avid Marvel fans, since it's widely known from the original comics that all Kronans are male, so it's natural to assume that they're all gay. Despite the great news that Marvel Studios is further bringing diversity to its movies, some fans are not very happy with this realization, accusing Feige of stripping one particular character of her much-deserved narrative arc.

"Glad for the rep as a gay man but Korg being canonically and visibly gay when we were supposed to have Valkyrie finding her queen (which seemingly got cut) has me a bit upset," – /MrBubbles9039.

And what's more, some fans completely suspect Marvel of retconning their own movies, citing a line from Korg from the previous Thor film – a line that actually mentions Korg's mother, thus establishing that female Kronans do exist.

"I tried to start a revolution but no one really turned up... except my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate"

He absolutely did mention her. It seems like they've retconned the line or will go with an adoptive mother explanation. – /WakeTheFukUpSamurai.

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