Thought You Saw Every Stan Lee Cameo? Wait Till You Find Out About This One

Thought You Saw Every Stan Lee Cameo? Wait Till You Find Out About This One
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even if you’re a hardcore Stan Lee fan, you definitely haven’t seen this cameo.

We don't think anyone needs to be told who Stan Lee is, but just in case, let's mention that this is the man who invented such comic book heroes as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, and many others.

A gifted storyteller, Lee was a true embodiment of this art form that has finally gained worldwide popularity and well-deserved fame. Possessing a kind of fantastic energy, Stan Lee did not limit himself to just comics and actively collaborated with cinema – in most of the adaptations of comic books with the participation of his brainchildren, Lee acted as co-writer and co-producer.

But fans and ordinary viewers love him not only for that, but for his small, often unscripted appearances on the big screen. Catching a Stan's cameo in almost every Marvel movie is entertainment in itself, like looking for Easter eggs.

Stan Lee technically made his first cameo appearance in the 1989 TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, playing a juror in a courtroom. It should also be noted that his first cameo in a "real" movie was in 2000’s X-Men, where he appeared as a hot dog vendor who was shocked to see a real live mutant.

But between these two appearances on the big screen there was another one that we will never see. Stan Lee was supposed to appear in the 1998 movie Blade, where he played a police officer watching Blade’s fight with vampires.

However, this episode was cut from the final version, as well as another 20 minutes of the movie. At that time, Stan Lee cameos had not yet become a tradition, and apparently the filmmakers felt that this scene was insignificant to the plot. Well, if they only had any idea what kind of scene they were cutting.

Although the rest of the scenes that did not make it into the final version of Blade can be found on the Internet, Stan Lee’s cameo has never appeared, which clearly indicates that the scene was deleted for good.