Tired of Yellowstone? Here's a Brilliant Chinese Western You Must Check Out

Tired of Yellowstone? Here's a Brilliant Chinese Western You Must Check Out
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Not everything should move around Sheridan’s iconic universe.


  • Yellowstone is one of the most popular Westerns nowadays.
  • There are many other movies of the same genre that are being sidelined.
  • Let the Bullets Fly is a perfect C-western to binge if you want something new to explore.

There are not many genres that can really make you feel like you are part of another world. Mostly period dramas play the role of conductor to the universes that once existed.

But there is another genre that literally transports you to a time when everything was different. One of the oldest genres is the western: the first movie ever created with a typical narrative goes back to 1899.

The stories of strong, powerful, and fearless cowboys are captivating, and the many battle scenes and complicated relationships between the characters really keep the audience engaged.

Taylor Sheridan 's legendary Yellowstone series had become one of the most popular shows in the Western genre. The story of the Duttons and their daily struggles to maintain the Yellowstone ranch proved to be exactly what the audience needed.

Now the series is about to release its final chapter in November 2024, and fans are wondering what else there is to binge on while waiting for season 5 part 2, which they already think will not leave them happy.

Well, there's one way to lift your spirits, and it's this iconic 2010 Chinese Western called Let the Bullets Fly. The action of the movie takes place in the 1920s, during China's warlord era.

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At the center of the story is Ma Bange, a man ready to become a governor. But on his way to the city, the train he was on was hijacked.

All of the bodyguards were killed, and the Bange faced the same fate. However, the clever man decided to fool the bandits and told them that he is not the Governor and is ready to help them find him and steal all his money.

The plot of the movie is full of unexpected twists and keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Let the Bullets Fly is also the second highest grossing Chinese film of all time, making $117 million in China and $140 million worldwide – all with a budget of just $18 million.

Let the Bullets Fly is available to stream on Netflix.