Tom Felton Once ‘Nearly Killed’ Alan Rickman on the Harry Potter Set

Tom Felton Once ‘Nearly Killed’ Alan Rickman on the Harry Potter Set
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Alan Rickman always had great relationships with the younger Harry Potter cast, but he was pissed at Tom Felton after the latter broke his one rule and almost killed him.

The main cast of Harry Potter felt like one big family, and everyone has typically been nice and friendly to each other (save for some teenage drama, but that’s a story for a different time). The older actors took care of their younger colleagues and taught them when they could, and all in all, those were happy days for everyone.

Both Alan Rickman and Tom Felton were among the most-recurring characters since they played Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, respectively. Their characters were often present in the same scenes, so Rickman and Felton worked together quite a lot, and Felton had great respect and sympathy for the legendary British actor.

This is why it was all the more embarrassing for him when he almost killed the man.

Recently, Tom Felton was reminiscing about the good old days on the Harry Potter set in a new video on his Instagram, and he recalled the one time he “nearly killed” Alan Rickman by breaking the elder actor’s rule that he explicitly set for Felton.

“I was told in no uncertain terms by Alan Rickman, ‘Don’t step on my f*cking cloak.’ The next take, the director was very keen for me to walk as close as I can to Alan, and we got about halfway down the Great Hall before [mimes getting choked]. You have to bear in mind that his cloak was attached around his neck,” explains Tom.

It was a terrifying moment for everyone on the set as Alan Rickman’s walk was disrupted by the cloak’s buckle suddenly digging deep into his neck. The actor immediately started choking and was generally in pain, and Tom froze.

“I nearly killed the poor man. Then he turned around again and gave me a look that you never ever want to see. Very luckily, the next take someone else stepped on his cloak, so that kind of took the heat away from me… But, I’ll never forget the words ‘don’t step on my f*cking cloak,’ adds Felton.

To be perfectly honest, we’ve always been wondering how Rickman was fairing with such a long cloak dragging around him wherever he went…but we didn’t expect that it nearly cost him his life. It would’ve definitely been a terrible end for the great actor — though if this was the way Snape died in Harry Potter, it would’ve been hilarious.

But yeah…trust Draco Malfoy to respect your rules.

Source: Tom Felton via Instagram