Tom Hardy Made a Terrible Impression on Star Trek Cast but Proved Them All Wrong 

Tom Hardy Made a Terrible Impression on Star Trek Cast but Proved Them All Wrong 
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Star Trek: Nemesis was the first big outing for an unknown British actor Tom Hardy, and his new colleagues didn’t really accept him. In fact, they bet they’d never hear about him again!

Despite his overwhelming popularity today, Tom Hardy had to start with something back in the day, just like every other actor. For him, the invitation to Star Trek: Nemesis spelled a breakthrough role, and Hardy made sure to show up. However, the young actor didn’t really care to get along with his co-stars.

Patrick Stewart, the lead star of Star Trek, didn’t get a particularly good impression of Tom Hardy, either.

In his recently released memoir, Making It So: A Memoir, the actor went on to explain why the Star Trek cast didn’t take Hardy’s behavior lightly.

“The actor who portrayed the movie's villain, Shinzon, was an odd, solitary young man from London. His name was Tom Hardy. <...> Tom wouldn't engage with any of us on a social level. Never said, 'Good morning,' never said, 'Goodnight,' and spent the hours he wasn't needed on set in his trailer with his girlfriend,” Stewart wrote.

The Star Trek star went on to explain that Tom Hardy was by no means hostile toward the cast; he was simply non-approachable and solitary, and he never sought to make personal connections with his colleagues. In the movie industry, connections are everything, and based on Hardy’s behavior, Stewart was sure Tom was done.

“On the evening Tom wrapped his role, he characteristically left without ceremony or niceties, simply walking out of the door. As it closed, I said quietly to Brent and Jonathan, 'And there goes someone I think we shall never hear of again.' It gives me nothing but pleasure that Tom has proven me so wrong,” Stewart admitted.

Indeed, Tom Hardy’s career skyrocketed after Nemesis, and he soon became one of Hollywood’s most popular A-listers. He’s a welcome guest at any red carpet event and a great addition to most movies…today. Who would’ve guessed that the actor used to be so non-sociable back when he started?

Source: Making It So: A Memoir via Insider