Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods Salary Is Impressive (No Wonder He's Still Doing It)

Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods Salary Is Impressive (No Wonder He's Still Doing It)
Image credit: CBS

Tom Selleck is a recurring name for those who are into television these days.

He has basically been everywhere under the sun as far as T.V. shows go, from starring in Friends to appearing in Blue Bloods . It's tough to make a name for yourself on the screen, but Selleck is the perfect case study for anyone who wants to make bank here.

Many of the elite stars of today, such as Jennifer Aniston and many others, made their name on television. For many people, T.V. is only a stepping stone. Still, for those who spend time and cultivate their own fanbase, it's not difficult to be a millionaire. Selleck is currently sitting on $45 million, and here's how he became so rich over the years.

Many actors have barely any hit shows on their resumes. Other, more fortunate ones have one, but Selleck has had multiple acclaimed shows under his belt. This rare feat speaks of his talent and keen eye for a good show.

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Selleck began his career in 1969 and landed multiple roles throughout the 1970s. However, his big break came in the form of Magnum P.I. This show was one of the biggest hits in the 80s and propelled Selleck to stardom.

After that, he had multiple different roles, most prominently in Friends. Although he didn't appear as much as most fans would have liked, he truly was the center of attention the times he was there. Richard Burke is a name all fans of the show definitely know. Most actors would have called it a day at that time. However, Selleck is not like most actors.

He revitalized his career once more with Blue Bloods in 2010. At first, the show didn't make headlines as his previous work did. However, after some time, it became a small hit and gained a cult following. In addition, the show managed to stay fresh for over 230 episodes and 11 seasons which was impressive.

Selleck was reportedly making $200,000 per episode. That alone is a lot, but multiply this sum over the entire course of the show. And you'll probably be surprised to know that in Magnum P.I., he was making over double of that at a staggering $500,000.

Selleck has been a mainstay on the show, and this isn't expected to change. Despite some reports that he was leaving, there has been no official confirmation from either Selleck himself or the showrunners. Besides, with the money he's making, why leave?