Too Funny? Fans Lowkey Concerned About Abomination in 'She-Hulk'

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The iconic villain we remember from 'The Incredible Hulk' might face some changes in the She-Hulk show – not necessarily for the better.

Now that Tim Roth's Abomination is officially a part of 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', fans are starting to worry that he might end up being overly comedic.

Naturally, it would be weird to expect something dark and dramatic from 'She-Hulk', given that Marvel has already said that the show is going to lean pretty heavily on the comedic element. In particular, Jennifer Walters is set to follow the footsteps of the comic books and break the fourth wall in the style of 'Fleabag' and 'Deadpool'.

However, in a sneak-peek at the new Abomination and Titania merch, fans have seen a hint that the show might lean into jokes way too much. With Titania, it might work – the character is new and can be developed in different ways, but Abomination is a classic Marvel villain which already enjoys a certain image.

It's not like people are all against him being unserious sometimes, but concerns seem to be very real.

"I am fine with him being antihero since but I'm not fine with him being overly comedic. This is not the Abomination we knew in the Incredible Hulk. I am fine with a couple of one liners since it's a comedic show ig but if they keep his character always like this from now, that's shit to me. Is it too much to ask to have at least a couple of intense serious characters?" – /Motor_Link7152

Recently – especially when it comes to Disney Plus shows – Marvel has delved into comedy and light-hearted tone, stepping away from intensity and drama. The latest projects, like 'Ms. Marvel' and 'Thor: Love and Thunder' were all in for comedy and fun – even though not every project was praised by fans for it.

However, some people argue that Marvel villains could use some sense of humor.

"Aren’t like 90% of the villains intense and serious? Even the ones that joke usually do so very drily, like Zemo." – /mutesa1

In 'The Incredible Hulk', Abomination was a threatening monster that sometimes made the viewer doubt whether Hulk is going to make it. With 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', he might as well end up being a goofy comic relief. We mean… look at those lovely ears.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' arrives on Disney Plus in less than a week on August 17 – somewhat sadly with just one premiere episode.

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