Top 10 Oscar-Nominated War Movies Every Cinema Fan Should See

Top 10 Oscar-Nominated War Movies Every Cinema Fan Should See
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Creating a moving but not manipulative war movie is no easy task, and countless Hollywood directors have failed miserably with their war dramas, angering audiences with their superficial portrayals of horrific battles and tear-jerking depictions of war atrocities.

Fortunately, a handful of admittedly brilliant war dramas have been produced in the last 30 years or so that not only truthfully portray the horrific aspects of war, but also manage to immerse the realistic characters in those stories, allowing the viewer to invest in the narrative without feeling manipulated for a second,

Here are 10 great Oscar-nominated war movies:

As you may have noticed, some of the war movies on this list are actually comedies, but that doesn't detract from their realistic and endearing nature. There's always a place for laughter, and many real-life soldiers managed to survive the hardships of war only because of those brief moments of laughter that truly restore the spirit.

And it's really comforting to see that the Oscars are able to recognize war comedies as being on the same level as these long, meticulously researched dramas, because they're both basically doing the same thing – warning people against war and spreading the ideas of pacifism – albeit in different registers.

The Oscars may be notoriously blind when it comes to small auteur films, but at least the academics were able to honor the most interesting war films with nominations!

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