Top 12 Must-Watch Anime Films for Studio Ghibli Fans

Top 12 Must-Watch Anime Films for Studio Ghibli Fans
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Studio Ghibli didn't exactly pave the way for Japanese animation into Western cinema, but it sure did make it more widespread and popular.

Their movies have a distinct flair in every aspect of them, from stylistic choices to the plots and to the characters. For those who want more animated movies like that, we made a list.

What makes a movie by Studio Ghibli so fascinating and enchanting? There's a combination of certain traits that the studio's works follow. Mostly it's how perfectly blended together everything is.

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Their plots work for nearly every generation of viewers, it's just you're gonna see different layers of it at different stages of your life. Watching Princess Mononoke at 9 years old, at 19, and at 29 makes you think like you watched three completely different movies, and that can be said about any work of Studio Ghibli. The animation tells a story of its own that ties the plot points together and enhances them in the right way.

But they're not the only ones producing quality full-length animated movies in Japan: they just became a powerhouse that engraved its name into worldwide pop culture. They completely deserve that. But many others do, too.