Top 3 Great Actors Who Performed Poorly Because Of Bad Direction

Top 3 Great Actors Who Performed Poorly Because Of Bad Direction
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They are just very unlucky to be in these projects.

Sometimes excellent actors become hostages of a bad script or terrible direction, so that even their talent and skills can't save the movie from flopping.

3. Halle Berry

Catwoman, created by French director Jean-Christophe 'Pitof' Comar, came out in 2004 and turned out to be the worst project in Halle Berry's career. She even won a Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress for her role as protagonist Patience Phillips.

According to the plot, Patience works as a designer for a cosmetics brand. The company is preparing to launch a new product that slows down the aging process, but Berry's character discovers that the product has a serious flaw and becomes embroiled in a corporate conspiracy.

In a mystical twist of fate, Phillips is transformed into a woman with the powers of a cat.

The movie suffered from poor direction and a weak script, and the lead actress' talent was overshadowed by superfluous dialogue and terrible action. Even though Berry won an Oscar for Monster's Ball just two years before Catwoman, that didn't save the film or her character.

2. Colin Farrell

Now a critical darling, Colin Farrell spent the early 2000s starring in all sorts of minor duds that disappointed everyone. The actor had bad luck with his lead role in 2004's Alexander, following the story of the legendary warlord, Alexander the Great, who conquered half of the world.

Top 3 Great Actors Who Performed Poorly Because Of Bad Direction - image 1Despite being directed by Oliver Stone, the creator of Platoon (1986) and JFK (1991), and also starring Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, and Jared Leto, Alexander turned out to be a total mess. Just like the plot failed to reveal the depth of its central character, Farell was unable to show off his acting potential due to slow-paced direction and mediocre writing.

1. Natalie Portman

Between 1999 and 2005, Natalie Portman took part in probably the most famous franchise of all time — Star Wars. The actress played Padme Amidala, a princess from the planet Naboo who falls in love with Anakin Skywalker and finds herself in the middle of a huge intergalactic conspiracy against the Jedi.

But despite all her talent, Portman failed to shine on screen, and the Star Wars prequel trilogy was coldly received by audiences and critics. However, this is not the fault of the actress, but rather the result of poor direction by George Lucas, who emphasized visual effects over character development.

As a result, Portman and other talented actors failed to convey the depth and emotionality of their characters. But the flop of Star Wars did not stop Portman's career — she still managed to win an Oscar in 2011 with her role in Black Swan.

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