Top 3 Great Movies Overshamed By The Media, According To Reddit

Top 3 Great Movies Overshamed By The Media, According To Reddit
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The greatness of a film is not always influenced by the critics' reviews.

Sometimes, good movies go unnoticed by the public because the press creates such a negative image of them that people are discouraged from going to the theater. Luckily, some of these films manage to develop a cult following over time.

We've picked three movies that, according to Reddit, have been maligned a lot, even though they have a huge fan base.

3. The Last Samurai (2003)

Edward Zwick's epic war film is set in late 19th-century Japan and follows Captain Nathan Algren, played by Tom Cruise, who is tasked by the Emperor of Japan to train the army in the modern art of warfare. In preparation for the government's more pro-Western policies, the Emperor is attempting to eradicate the ancient Samurai warriors.

The Last Samurai features stunning cinematography, breathtaking battle scenes, and a fascinating exploration of the mysterious Asian culture.

Despite its merits, the film was met with much criticism at the time of its release: The Last Samurai was stigmatized for its inaccurate portrayal of Japan and its traditions. But even 20 years later, Edward Zwick's work still manages to attract audiences.

2. Wild Wild West (1999)

This comedy-action film starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline won Golden Raspberries in nearly every major category. Set in the late 19th century, the story revolves around two agents who must save President Grant from Loveless, a villainous inventor fighting to take over the southern states.

Wild Wild West has been panned for its lack of depth and integrity. However, the flick was never intended to be a serious drama, so fans of the movie still enjoy the amusing humor and naive plot.

1. Waterworld (1995)

Starring Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper, Waterworld has become a cult movie over the years. Set in a distant future where the polar snows have melted, covering almost the entire planet with water, the film follows a mariner who tries to help a young woman and a little girl find dry land.

Waterworld has a compelling plot and features exciting action sequences and elaborate sets. However, the movie suffered from a troubled production, and negative press coverage didn't help to elevate the project's status when it was released.

Source: Reddit