Total Time Wasters: Stephen King's List of 10 Films to Avoid

Total Time Wasters: Stephen King's List of 10 Films to Avoid
Image credit: globallookpress

Although Stephen King is best known as a horror writer, he actually knows a thing or two about movies and has never been shy about sharing his opinions with fans. Of course, he is not a professional movie critic, but his iconic status among book fans makes him a real authority when it comes to movies.

While King usually tends to minimize his criticism of movies he doesn't like, sometimes he just can't help himself and tears into them with all his literary might.

You've probably noticed that a lot of the movies on this list are actually adaptations of King's own books, which perfectly justifies all of his critics. After all, he is the one who came up with the original stories for these movies, so he can hate on them all he wants.

Obviously, not many people share his opinion on "The Shining", as that movie is considered a masterpiece even by those who have never read an original novel, but his stance on Kubrick's adaptation is not only justifiable, but quite important.

King is not a hater - he always backs up his claims with facts, and even if you love "Kill Bill", you can still admit that the movie contains a lot of violence, which might be a big disappointment for people who oppose it like King.