Toy Story Theory Offers Perfect Redemption Arc For Sid

Toy Story Theory Offers Perfect Redemption Arc For Sid
Image credit: globallookpress

If you saw Toy Story 1, then you probably remember the character that no one liked – Sid, the toy torturer.

Fans are offering a theory that will not only make you feel better about him, but will even make you respect the boy.

In the first animated movie of the franchise, Sid learns that all the toys he had broken, torn and spoiled are actually alive. He becomes the only person to know this secret.

Could the writers just forget such an important plot detail and not let it develop? The fans are sure that this is not the case, and what's more, the development of the character is even better than you might expect.

In Toy Story 3, we learn that Sid, now 15 years older, has started working as a garbageman. It would seem to be an insignificant detail that does not carry a great deal of meaning.

But it is the perfect end to the character arc, according to fans.

The theory author, Reddit user londongarbageman, shared his experience as a garbageman, claiming that it's an exciting job where you can find a lot of interesting things, from gadgets to, of course, toys.

According to the theory, Sid knows that most people throw away their toys when they get worn out or damaged. So he made it his personal mission in the Toy Story universe to save as many toys as possible from being thrown away and "killed".

He also believes that Sid is the best person for the job. He spent his childhood breaking toys, so he should know exactly how to repair them.

The fans were absolutely thrilled with this theory, and some of them would even like to see this story brought to the screen.

"I say it would be a hella heartwarming 5-10 minute short, like they have been making out of the Toy Story property," Reddit user indefort commented.

Fans believe that such a small detail, which eventually develops into an entire story, only goes to show the reverence with which Pixar treats its projects. And they always remain ready to look for some Easter eggs in the studio's new animations.