True Detective: Night Country's Controversial Finale Explained By Cast

True Detective: Night Country's Controversial Finale Explained By Cast
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It’s not a season for everyone.


  • True Detective: Night Country is the fourth season of HBO's hit crime television series.
  • The season followed the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of scientists from a research station.
  • Due to an open ending, the season finale was considered controversial among fans.
  • The cast and crew of the show state that the true mystery was left to the viewer's interpretation.

Despite the fact that television has always had plenty of shows about cops, detectives, and various types of investigations, some dramas in this genre become true masterpieces in the eyes of viewers. Up to this point, True Detective has been one of those shows.

However, the finale of the fourth season put this status in question. The mysterious story of the scientists’ disappearance from an Alaskan research station did not have the satisfying ending that many had been waiting for. The epic plot twist only raised more questions among the viewers.

While some are already expressing their disappointment with Night Country, the show's creative team explains how they see the ending.

How Did True Detective: Night Country End

Kali Reis, who portrayed Trooper Evangeline Navarro throughout the season, was as shocked as anyone when she read the script for the first time. But according to Reis, there were some hidden clues in earlier episodes that might give viewers some ideas. They may not be easy to catch, but that's what makes the show so exciting.

“If you paid close attention from episode one, you may or may not have had an idea. It’s an ending that leaves you guessing, and leaves you talking about. It’s one of those stories you have to see another time in order to see the whole picture,” the actress said to The Hollywood Reporter.

The same sentiment was shared by the season's showrunner and writer, Issa López. Even though the idea of an open ending left to the viewer's interpretation is frustrating for many, the creator is sure that some mysteries are much more impressive when the main question is left without a certain answer.

As expected, fans were divided on the ending, as well as the entire course of the season. While some praise the producers' unusual approach and enjoy the various theories, others are disappointed by the lack of clear answers.

Regardless of which side of this argument you fall on, True Detective still has three more seasons to go. So if you haven't seen the last three chapters of the crime antology hit, or if you want to refresh your memories, go ahead and stream True Detective on Max.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter