True Detective S4 Overtook McConaughey's Iconic S1 For All The Wrong Reasons

True Detective S4 Overtook McConaughey's Iconic S1 For All The Wrong Reasons
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Fans are bewildered as Night Country overtakes True Detective’s iconic Season 1 on Rotten Tomatoes despite featuring the worst-rated episode in the show’s history.


  • True Detective Season 4 became the most-watched season so far with over 12.7M views per episode.
  • On Rotten Tomatoes, Night Country raked up a 92% Critic Score against Season 1’s 91%.
  • However, the Audience Scores tell a different story, with Seasons 1 & 4 having 88 & 60%, respectively.
  • On IMDb, Night Country never received a score higher than 7.3 and featured the lowest-rated True Detective episode ever, too.

Since its legendary Season 1 starring Matthew McCounaghey and Woody Harrelson, True Detective has never been quite as popular. The second season was largely considered weak; the third season received a lot of praise; and Night Country, Season 4, recently surpassed McConaughey and Harrelson’s outing on Rotten Tomatoes — but fans are very much not buying it.

Night Country Shows Truly Impressive Numbers

While True Detective Season 1 will forever remain the golden classic in most fans’ hearts, Night Country proved to be the show’s best series since its times. The fourth season became the most-viewed, averaging an insane 12.7M views per episode, and even overtook Season 1 on Rotten Tomatoes… Kind of. Not exactly.

Night Country now sits at a whopping 92% Critic Score which is just barely higher than Season 1’s 91% score. It’s an undoubtedly impressive achievement — but the seasons’ Audience Scores tell a different story. Viewer-wise, only 60% of the audience rated Night Country as Fresh, falling far behind Season 1’s 88% score.

True Detective Fans Disagree With The Critics

It would have been a massive stretch to say that the audience didn’t enjoy Season 4 of the iconic show; but despite being impressed by it, most fans claim it’s still nowhere near good enough to overtake Season 1. The Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score clearly supports those claims as critics and viewers can’t agree once again.

“92% rating is just wrong, this season was so mediocre and boring. Just look at the IMDb ratings. These critics have no taste,” X (formerly Twitter) user olipo01 pointed out.

We don’t necessarily agree with such harsh judgment, but the IMDb scores do tell quite a different story, indeed. Not a single Night Country episode ranked higher than 7.3 while the worst Season 1 episode still raked up a solid 8.8 score. Also, the finale of Night Country became the lowest-rated episode in the history of True Detective, “boasting” an embarrassing 5.6 score this TV show has never seen before.

But let’s be real, if you’ve watched Night Country, you already know its finale was ruthlessly Game-of-Throned. Doesn’t make the rest of the season bad, though.

Did you enjoy Night Country?

Source: IMDb